Thomas Salzano: You Can Manage Your Career Choice

Thomas says, that you may find his idea stupid at first but this is the best way to keep a track of your choices in life. It’s you who can decide what is best for you and others like him can just guide you or provide suggestions. Keeping a track of your wish list is a good idea and when you realize what are your priorities you will find the right direction in life. • If you are still confused or unhappy with your decision the advice for you is to stay calm. Change your style of working and reth

Thomas Salzano - Enjoys Traveling and Exploring Places

Thomas Salzano is a backpacker, blogger, and an influencer. His agenda of a happy life is simple ‘Travel, explore and learn’. He has been traveling for 6 years now and capped all 50 states of America and significant lands of Asia and Europe. “I love exploring the rich heritage and culture of Asian countries like India, and China,” alleges Thomas. He inspires everyone to enjoy life to fullest and explore exotic places. Thomas quotes, “Hustle because you are born to travel the whole world.” Accor

Thomas N Salzano - Former Cyclist And Blogger

Bicycling or cycling is one of the most conventional sports in the universe. Right from the introduction of bicycles in the 19th century, cycling owns the crest as a popular sport, recreational activity, and transportation. “Pedaling the two wheels awards one the freedom from daily stress and boost stamina,” says Thomas N Salzano, an active member of the League of American Bicyclists and a cycling blog writer. This website is for all cyclists and bicycle lovers who are passionate to read everyt

Thomas Salzano Famous Poet From New York

Poetry is a beautiful form of literature that sculptures words amidst the expression of feelings and emotions. With a unique style and rhythm, a poet fascinatingly plays with words. Enduring since antiquity, poetry has breathed through poems in almost every language and culture of the world. The proprietor of this website, Thomas Salzano, is a monarch poet who is blessed to reach the heights where his every thought has found words. Here you will find the masterpieces of his work along with bl

Thomas Salzano - A Renowned Photographer

Photography is an art and the photographer is an artist who captures a moment that’s gone forever. “Photographs tell us about the life we are living,” says Thomas Salzano, a renowned photographer. Photography is all about reflecting the things from the past, converting the ordinary into something very special. Photographs bring life to memories. For an artisan mind, photography is capturing reality and making it an extension of mind and heart. This website is for rising photographers and souls

Thomas Salzano: Things You Should Always Pack When Traveling

Carry a compact size power strip they turn one outlet into several and typically with some USB ports built-in as well. If you are a traveler, you will know the importance of the power strip and portable surge protectors. The excessive use of our phone during a trip is obvious and to find a point to charge it is also not feasible every time. The top suggestion is to carry a portable power bank and set a reminder to charge the power bank before you move out of your hotel room. The second best ad

Thomas Salzano: 7 Things I Would Tell a New Traveler

Don’t be scared: To start something new is always a bit scary as you have to face a lot of negative thoughts. But one thing that you should keep in mind is that you aren’t exploring uncharted territories that have high risk. You have options to reach out and you will find travel guidance everywhere. Travel Slow and plan well: when you start your journey as a traveler you tempt to see it all and squeeze your trip. The hurry will lead you nowhere, so don’t plan a trip to 20 cities in 20 days. Tak

Thomas Salzano - Traveling an Antidepressant For You and How Travelling Helps to Overcome It.

The best way to overcome depression is to interact and talk to new people. This helps in letting your feelings out and share your emotions. When you are on a trip you get a chance to meet new people and mingle with strangers. You meet different people with a different thought process which inspire you and change your way of handling the problems. #2. Different experience and new atmosphere It is said that nature helps in healing both the mind and the soul. A little change in the environment an

Thomas Salzano - Spread your dreamy wings and fly high

“Never set limits to your capabilities and never doubt your Worth,” says Thomas Salzano an enthusiastic backpacker and blogger. Thomas Salzano loves to travel and explore new and famous places suggested by the locals of a city. Thomas N Salzano took traveling seriously when he realized the worth of the knowledge he had about this field while talking to a travel agent. This happened when he was planning a family trip and thought of taking help from a travel agency but while discussing his expe

Thomas Salzano - How To Deal With Mountain Sickness

Thomas Salzano thought of sharing some health tips with the travels as he is aware of the health conditions in the upper areas. Here are some tips for health suggested by Thomas Salzano: • To reduce the chance of Nausea ( feeling of vomiting) avoid strong food odors. • If you are feeling sick during the traveling to mountains avoid reading books. • If you are traveling by car sit in the front seat only. • Always try to get the fresh air. Keep the windows or the vent open. • Try to avoid sitting

Thomas Salzano - Tips for Travel Blogs

“Blogging is the best way to publish your work and experience,” is what Thomas Salzano feels about blogging. He is a famous blogger and a passionate backpacker. Recently, while having a conversation with a teenage girl he came across a common question about what all should one write or do to start a blog. The girl made Thomas Salzano feels the need of sharing some tips related to travel blogging for aspiring bloggers. Here are some important tips by Thomas Salzano: • Focus more on content: the

Thomas Salzano: How It Feels to Live in One City After Years of Traveling and Adventure

“Traveling, to travelers, means freedom and joy”, says Thomas Salzano, a regular traveler, and famous blogger. After continuous traveling for a few years, there was a time when Thomas Salzano was forced to stop traveling frequently and settle down. It was a tough phase for him. He feels that it is worth sharing his experience with everyone as you never know when the same situation arrives at your door. Thomas Salzano explains why this happens: • The family feels that traveling is just for fun

Thomas Salzano: Tips To Save Money While Traveling

“A trip within a fixed budget is the best trip”, says Thomas Salzano, a famous traveler, and blogger. He feels that it is important to decide the right budget before you start traveling and therefore stick to it. Thomas Salzano while interacting with the travels have come across questions regarding the budget and expenses. Being a regular traveler, Thomas Salzano has some tips to save money while traveling. He follows these things himself and suggests others to take a note for a few. Here are

Thomas Salzano - Tips To Travel Eco Friendly

“Mother earth is beautiful and exploring new destinations every now and then gifts me immense joy and gratitude,” says Thomas Salzano. The renowned travel blogger further adds that he has cultivated appreciation and captured the essence of nature while travelling. However, he is very disappointed with many travelers who irresponsibly pollute the environment while travelling. Being a true influencer, Thomas Salzano has penned down several tips to travel eco-friendly. Here’s what he has to say: